Lessons & Prices


My pricing is competitive and reflects the quality of my teaching. Cheap driving lessons may not always be best. If you cannot see a pricing structure that suits you, please contact me as I may be able to offer something different to suit your needs.

Ad Hoc PAYG Hourly Lessons £40
Hourly Lessons £36
2 Hourly Lesson £72
10 Hour Block Booking £360


As the paying client, it is your lesson so as long as it is within your scope, you can decide the content of the lesson and how you want to learn it. Lessons are structured to each individual pupil.

All pupils will receive my Welcome Pack, Terms & Conditions and Links to You Tube Videos to use alongside in car training.
·        Weekly Lessons and Block Bookings – Unlike the courses, weekly lessons can be booked individually or in a block at a discount.

I no longer offer Driving courses as standard but can, after an assessment lesson discuss your level of driving and what is left to learn to become Test Ready. The amount of lessons you will require to become Test Ready depends on many factors including how quickly you learn, how many hours of lessons you have in a week and if you have any private practice between lessons.

The more work (theory and practical) you put in in-between lessons, the quicker you will progress.

I am a strong advocate for not teaching to pass, but teaching to be a safe driver after you pass, passing as early and safely as possible for you as an individual is the outcome.

With all lessons and courses, it is advisable to compliment your lessons with home study, and if possible, other “in car” training with suitable family or friends in a safe correctly insured car for a learner to drive in.

There is no car sharing – you get 100% of my time whilst in my car.

The first 2 hours, whether you have had previous lessons/experience before, is used as an assessment lesson where I will assess your level of driving and your needs in the car.