News & Testimonials

Olivia Woodey

1st Time Pass

Leila is an exceptionally good Driving Instructor. I was anxious and doubtful when I first started driving. Leila was amazing. She was calm, patient and knew how to make me relax whilst learning to drive.

She remained positive throughout our lessons and was incredibly helpful.

The opportunities and resources she offers her pupils whilst learning with her are unbelievable and the techniques she uses are easy to grasp. Without Leila I wouldn’t have built up my confidence nor would I have become the safe and responsible driver I am now, and I even managed to pass first time which is something I never thought I’d be able to achieve.

I would recommend her to anyone, especially anyone who lacks confidence. I will miss our lessons.

Christelle Bayem

1st Time Pass

Thank you soooo much Leila. I must admit it felt like a daunting project when I started my first driving lesson with you. You managed to break it down to simple steps and help me build up my confidence throughout the process. Driving lessons with you were more than lessons, we’ve built a friendship and I’m grateful for that. I look forward to meeting you and spending some time with you out of the car! I still can’t believe I passed it first time !

Jorden Williams

Anxious Driver

Would definitely recommend Leila’s Driving School. She’s a fantastic instructor, who not only has tonnes of knowledge and experience but is very patient, easy to talk to and great with nervous drivers. ????

Jonathan Leyland

Nervous Driver

Before taking driving lessons I was nervous and definitely not a natural. Leila put me at ease and over the hours we did lessons together helped me build the confidence as I built the skills I needed. There were lots of ups and downs before I passed the test, but Leila was always encouraging and one of the things that was good about her as an instructor is that she will recognise if one method of teaching is not working and try something different. She knows when to get serious and when to lighten the mood. I think its this adaptability that makes Leila a good potential Instructor for people of different experience levels and abilities.

For those reasons I would recommend Leila to anyone that wants to drive

Thanks again for everything.

Maria Cheng

Nervous driver

I recently passed my driving test with Leila’s help. I am a nervous driver and Leila helped build my confidence on the road through well-structured lessons with clear objectives, as well as offering encouragement and advice when necessary. She is very easy going and is always happy to answer questions / give explanations. Leila is an amazing driving instructor and my driving skills and confidence have massively improved since our first lesson. I would recommend her to everyone. Thanks again Leila!!

Cam Harold

1st time Pass

I have just passed my test with Leila and I am very happy. Throughout the few months in which I was learning with Leila I was always encouraged and praised for how I was getting on with driving. Leila is a fantastic instructor and always helped improve my driving skills. I recommend Leila to anyone who wants to pass their test knowing they will drive well on their own. Thank you for being such a good instructor! Cam H

Jodie Thompson

1st Time Pass

Started out as a nervous wreck and now i’m so confident and happy with my driving, all thanks to Leila for helping me achieve my goal, she is very patient and understanding, thankyou Leila for everything! I couldn’t of picked a better instructor for me????

Hayley (Mum of Pupil)

!st Time Pass

Absolutely brilliant driving instructor. My daughter has low confidence levels and Leila has worked her magic and today she passed her driving test first time. Leila has pushed my daughter out of her comfort zone and Taylor is now very confident with driving. I would highly recommend Leila and I have done for various friends of mine. I wish Leila all the best for the future x

Anita Kaur

1st Time Pass

Leila has been so patient with me and she makes you feel comfortable. Leila is calm and very helpful. She listens to you and encourages you to do your best. I would recommend her to everyone!

Tom Hill

1st Time Pass

I liked how Leila let me go at my own pace whilst making sure that it was safe. It was good how you let me learn in the way that I wanted, eg, more practical than theory based lessons. Also you were supportive and nice if anything went wrong.

Jackie Green (mum of pupil)

1st time Pass

We are so very grateful. Emily has enjoyed learning to drive with you. Thank you.

Vicki Prado

1st Time Pass

As someone who has dipped in and out of driving lessons for years, I finally committed to seeing it through and could not have found a better instructor to complete this journey with. Leila is amazing, very professional while making you feel relaxed like you’ve been friends for years. I will really miss our lessons now I’ve passed.

Leila D’aguilar

Brilliant Pass
What an awesome instructor! Leila is friendly and warm, patient, knowledgeable and I’m lucky to have had her as an instructor, Thank you for helping me pass.

William Edwards

Combatted Test Nerves
Testimony of Leila When is comes to choosing a driving instructor, you want that choice to be the right one. So I recommend choosing Leila from LDS driving school. Leila has the ability to instil confidence when it comes to learning to drive. Leila will iron out your faults until it becomes second nature and then remind you if fall back, also Leila will make you work on the parts of driving you hate doing, like for me that was manoeuvres, so Leila made me practice them plenty of times until it did not bother me doing manoeuvres. So If you what to pass your test a become a great driver then your choice of a instructor should be Leila

Emma Holland

First Time Pass
Well what can I say? Leila is absolutely amazing! From the moment I started learning with her I felt relaxed and at ease, I became more confident in not just my driving but in myself as a driver. Leila is very supportive and patient, understanding that every student is different. A great system of teaching taught through a passionate and friendly instructor. Not only have I managed to pass my test 1st time but I have made a friend who ensures you are road safe. Thank you so much Leila, I really could go on and on about how fantastic you have been over the last couple of months. Will definitely recommend to friends! So if you’re looking to pass, contact LDS and pass with Leila

Jamal Taylor

Passed 1st Time
Just to start off, Leila is amazing. She truly understands your strengths and weaknesses as a learner driver. Developing them not only to be test ready but for the rest of your life. Every lesson I had was very enjoyable , I can honestly say we became friends. She’ll show you how to excel towards becoming a good driver. So if you want to pass, contact LDS and pass with Leila in no time J x

Cecilia Leiff

Passed 1st Time
Thank you Leila for being a great instructor, being very supportive, patient and accommodating when planning lessons. As a tutor you are very friendly and approachable but also professional and well informed in teaching driving. I really appreciate that you taught me to have the confidence to take on the test and pass on my first attempt as well as wanting to carry on learning to be a safe driver from now on

Saqi Ali Butt

Thanks for helping me pass my driving test. You are so patient and calm, even when I make mistakes. I would thoroughly recommend you to any of my family or friends. You explain things really clearly and make everything easy to learn. I will miss our lessons. Brilliant Driving Instructor. Once again I thank you.


Thanks Leila Horton for everything you have done. It was lovely getting to know you too and having you as an instructor. You’re a great instructor and i would definitely recommend you to anyone. Best wishes.

Beth Sime

1st Time Pass
So bloody happy! Passed first time thank you to Leila Horton, honestly the best driving instructor ever (not that I’ve had many), I’ve managed to pass in under 3 months with only a few minors, in an area I have never been before. Really,  really recommend Leila, if you want her contact details please contact me.

Carina Sime

Just a big thank you for getting Beth through her test. I haven’t seen my car all weekend! Will be recommending you to all. Thank you.

Frances Kavanagh

Passed 1st time

Leila is a brilliant instructor. Patient and fun.

Alicja Kazmarczyk

1st Time Pass
Thank you so much to my brilliant instructor. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to not only prepare me so well for my test but also to teach me how to become a great driver. I would highly recommend this lady to anyone who wants to learn to drive well and pick up all of the necessary skills for the lifetime of safe driving. Thank you Leila for being so patient, reassuring, understanding and for all of the great support and advice. You are a true gem and a fabulous person xxx


1st Time Pass
I just can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. This is a very huge life changer for me and I know that if not for you, I wouldn’t be here. So thank you so much for being patient and so supportive and reassuring. You are the best Instructor in the world.

Rebecca Weaver

Passed 1st Time
Just wanted to say thank you so much! Not just for the obvious… But for being ridiculously supportive throughout everything, for being so patient, calm and and basically just amazing!! You’ve been professional when needed but you’ve also been an absolute rock star friend too. Thank you again.

Maria Louise (Mum of Pupil)

1st Time Pass

Leila has made a very unconfident leaner driver into a great safe driver. I can’t thank you enough for what you have given Ceri. You spent lots of time getting to know her before she even got in the car. I can’t recommend you highly enough. Thank you

Stacey Walker

Passed 1st Time

After 10 years of not having a lesson I couldn’t of choose a better driving instructor than Leila. she has made me have more confidence in myself and has taught me step by step how to become a great driver. All the manoeuvres I once hated I now enjoy. Thanks to Leila, I’m now ready for my test. If u want a friendly calm, patient driving instructor then I would highly recommend Leila LDS driving instructor

Mark Gregory Mckie

Best driving I got by far had my first lesson with Leila and wasn’t nervous one bit

Christina Bowden

An excellent instructor, very professional, would recommend her to anyone.

Maylee Anne Redman

1st Time Pass

SUCH a lovely instructor, she was really patient and explained everything well, I felt confident driving with her and she is so funny and easy to chat to!! Thanks to her help i passed first time, and even though I’m well happy I passed, a part of me wishes i could still have lessons with her lol!! Xx

Joey Sterling

Passed 1st Time

Lovely instructor, I came from a different company and progressed within a couple of months!, I would advice any body to go with Leila!, a easy ?????????? rating from me, also passed first time!, again thank you Leila!!xx


1st Time Pass

Excellent, best in the business, passed me on under 4 months! Thank you again Leila

Frances Kavanagh

1st time Pass

Leila is a brilliant instructor. Patient and fun

Saqlain Ali Butt

Leila is brilliant instructor. Very patient, friendly. I’ve had five lessons and ready to take my test.

Helen Rich

Passed 1st Time

I’ve had my first lesson with Leila last week and she was brilliant x